Construction Management

Vera Contractors offers Construction Management services, working on behalf of the Owner throughout all phases of a project. This early collaboration between the Client, Design Team and Vera Contractors facilitates informed design decisions and accurate cost estimates. The result is a more efficient and cost-effective construction process with project delivered on schedule.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, Vera Contractors provides competitive bids with the ability to self-perform work and to tap into our broad subcontractor network. Working closely with the Design Team, Vera Contractors delivers projects on time and within budget.

Design/Build Delivery

Vera Contractors affords an integrated design-build approach partnering with design professionals to provide a stream-lined and fast-tracked process. These projects are driven by the owner’s specific vision and the desire to provide the owner the best value possible.

Preconstruction Services

Vera Contractors utilizes meticulous planning and open communication to ensure that the owner’s vision is understood from the start of a project. This foundation facilitates a smoother transition from the design phase to the job site, decreasing construction-phase changes, increasing cost savings, and ensuring the completed project meets owner expectations.